September 12, 2016

Present like a Performer

josh“It was the best professional training we had at our company in a long time. It was a tremendous learning opportunity for my team and I see a massive improvement when they deliver presentations in front of key stakeholders. They are more confident, dynamic, and inspiring.”

Are you tired of being afraid to present? What if you could overcome your stage fright and start enjoying public speaking? We help you take your career to the next level and become a more confident, charismatic presenter.

How Does it Normally Feel to Present in front of an Audience?
It’s the day of the big event and you feel excited! There are some speakers before you and you are relaxed enough to be able to give them your full attention rather than thinking about your own speech.

When it’s your turn to get on stage, you are smiling and you feel eager to meet the audience. You start of your presentation with a spontaneous comment/reflection that makes the audience laugh heartily and instantly love you.

You know your speech well enough to be able to connect with and have eye contact with audience members. Also, you are not worried about forgetting what to say because you know you can improvise. And since you have listened actively to previous speakers you naturally include a comment on something that they have said, making your speech more alive.

You feel that you have the audience trust and they are activated by your speech, they listen attentively, answer questions you might have for them, nod and laugh.

At the end of your presentation you feel confident and the audience gives you a big applaud. You really love being on stage.

Learn to Love Presenting
How we communicate matters. If we want to make an impact and take the audience on an emotional journey, it’s not enough to have something interesting to say. We have to work on how we say it.

Our presenting workshops are fun, challenging and out of the comfort zone. We will push you to conquer your performance fears and anxiety so that you can start presenting with joy and confidence.

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