Fail Gloriously


“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – Paulo Coelho

This session is about flipping your mindset from avoiding failure to embracing it. Instead of looking at failure as a problem, we see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to challenge ourselves and grow.

Practicing this mindset creates a work environment where psychological safety, trust and support thrives. Once that atmosphere is established, we model ways of communicating where creativity and collaboration happen with ease. Also, we build a common vocabulary which allows teams to have a language to talk about collaboration moving forward so that the training transfers to everyday work. It also creates a higher level of self-awareness and an ability for each individual to take responsibility for creating the kind of team they want to belong to.

This is a highly interactive session, and all participants will be pushed out of their comfort zones in a loving way. All participants will be taken care of in the most gentle way, and no one will be forced into anything. Most people feel a bit hesitant in the start and then open up and embrace the moment in ways they might never have before. Learning to fail gloriously is a transformational moment for many.

This session will boost any person or whole teams to become more bold, resilient and supportive.

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I had the pleasure of attending Josh’s “Fail Gloriously” workshop recently and was truly amazed. I expected it to be interesting, but it was far more than that — we had a ton of fun and my face actually hurt from laughing and smiling so much by the time we were done. The workshop features improv-style techniques to learn how to open up to co- workers and honestly collaborate. I recommend this to anyone, especially those who normally would shy away from something like this. Everyone in the class felt it was helpful, even those who may typically not want to “come out of their shell” said they were glad to do this.”
– Jesse
Schifano, Art Director, Spotify

Thank you for an amazing day. I can’t find the words to describe what this day meant to me…now I want to belong to this team; not because I’m a member- because I WANT TO! This was the best day ever since I joined Apoteket.
– Camilla Ohlsson, Regional Manager, Apoteket

“Remarkable! We hired to Josh to kick off our innovation day with 50 people. We wanted everyone to get engaged, inspired to collaborate and to create on a high level. He delivered. People embraced the “yes-and” mindset and were better tuned into listening mode and working with each other. The whole day benefited from this session. I definitely recommend Josh for team building activities and to help teams tap into their creative potential.”
-Heidi Schnurr, Director Strategic Marketing, Getinge Group