September 12, 2016

Dream Teams

intressentforeningen_tom_tits_630px“You can’t find better team-building than this! This isn’t theatre – it’s skills for living life. I haven’t laughed so much in years!”

Imagine what work would be like if your team collaborated at the highest level. If each team member came to work feeling inspired, supported and eager to take on any task no matter how challenging.

Our Dream Team programs help companies improve collaboration, foster creativity, create a supportive and trusting environment, take advantage of the diversity of the group and make work fun!

What Is Your Regular Team Meeting Like?
When you walk into the conference room you are always met with loads of smiling faces and an energy that is tangible. People are alert and present, not looking down in their phones, but rather excited to be seeing each other and ready to work together.

When issues are presented people are actively listening with an open and curious mind. And they are trying to provide solutions and help each other solve their problems. People’s ideas are met with positive energy and yes-anding. Creativity is flowing.

The team members are eager to share stories of failures that they’ve had with clients. And the group celebrates the failures seeing them as opportunities to learn and grow.

More than a Team-Building
Happy employees are more productive, less sensitive to stress, and more likely to stay at the company. In other words, investing your staff’s happiness can increase profit while reducing the costs that come with internal conflicts and misunderstandings, sick leaves and having to recruit new staff.

Our Dream Team programs are more ambitious than your regular team-building event. We want to help you fundamentally transform your work culture and help build supportive, bold, creative and happy teams.

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