September 12, 2016

Keynote: Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

josh“Fantastisk träning i hur man vågar ta steget utanför sin egen “comfort zone” genom praktiska övningar av alla ens kommunikationsredskap. Josh som lärare är en riktigt härlig person som bjuder på sig själv och därmed gör det tryggt för en själv att våga ta klivet och testa nya sätt att uttrycka sig.”

In this keynote experience, actor Josh Lenn will get the audience inspired and activated to step out of their comfort zone and embrace change.

We live in a fast pace ever-changing world where we are asked to constantly change, learn new things and go outside our comfort zone. However this is very scary and understandably most of us prefer to stay safe and secure.

This talk will inspire you to get outside of your comfort zone! It provides you with tools that will help you embrace change as well as the challenges and failures that life inevitable brings. Expect to laugh and get up on your feet a lot during the talk!

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