What we do and why we do it 

We are passionate about helping people grow, develop and make lasting transformation.

We are bold. We believe pushing ourselves and taking risks is key in order to walk the walk as role models for our clients.

We believe in being playful and having fun. Even if what we are talking about or learning about is serious, we bring a level of playfulness to it.

We create a safe and supportive environment, so you can let yourself fly!

Who’s behind Bold and Confident?

Josh is a transformational coach who has a background in sales and theater. For the last 15 year he has been on a journey of challenging his own fears by diving into uncomfortable situations and stretching his own believed limits. In the process he has learned to love failure. Now, Josh teaches teams and individuals his own life lessons and the results have been very successful. Bold & Confidence is expanding rapidly and Josh has also become a popular speaker. He is the #1 ranked speaker at Stockholm School of Economics Leadership Program. He also recently spoke at TEDX Stockholm, where he performed the first ever improvised TED talk.